Dr Sue Tongue

Veterinary Epidemiologist

I am a vet and a veterinary epidemiologist. I have extensive experience in general practice and in project leadership, management and delivery within both research and surveillance environments. I have a broad spectrum of experience from simple to complex epidemiological field projects, quantitative and qualitative analyses, risk assessments in a number of subject areas and have worked with a variety of inter-disciplinary teams and for a range of funders. I have also been involved with the provision of advice and recommendations to policy colleagues at the science-policy interface (VLA-DEFRA TSE programme) and the science-regulatory interface (Veterinary Medicines Directorate).


In the RESAS Strategic Research Programme (SRP) 2011-2016 I was responsible for delivery of parts of RESAS Programme 2, Theme 6, WP 6.1, Measurement and monitoring to enhance livestock health in Scotland with a focus on measurement and monitoring (6.1.1) and was available to provide species-specific expertise (sheep/small ruminants) to the EPIC programme, while being the Principal Investigator on a number of associated projects.


In the new RESAS SRP I will build on the previous Programme’s work to ensure that we can effectively evaluate livestock health and disease, gain a better understanding of the epidemiology of key endemic diseases and implement effective surveillance systems. I will link this with my contribution to EPIC. This will predominantly be expert input to Topic 3 `Improving Veterinary Surveillance Strategy` and Topic 4 `Analyses of Potential Disease Control Options`.


My research interests are the provision (i.e. delivery) of good, robust and relevant epidemiological science that meets the needs of those commissioning the research, be it policy-makers or industry, and the translation of that science into practical and feasible options, or actions, that can make a difference, within the boundaries and constraints encountered in everyday life.

Sue Tongue

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