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Tackling animal disease challenges through multidisciplinary expertise

EPIC Scotland, funded by the Scottish government, is the Centre of Expertise on Animal Disease Outbreaks working at the forefront of animal epidemiology research. With a focus on exotic and emerging diseases of cattle, sheep, pigs, and poultry, EPIC fosters a collaborative environment where experts from diverse fields such as veterinary medicine, epidemiology, genetics, physics, mathematics, social science, economics, and other disciplines, come together to respond to policy-relevant questions.
The EPIC Scotland consortium boasts participation from prominent Scottish research institutions, where around 50 researchers, whether full-time or part-time, are collectively devoted to advancing our understanding of animal health and disease prevention.

The areas addressed by the EPIC researchers are:

This website provides scientists with the opportunity to tap into EPIC's expertise, offering access to:

  • A collection of scientific publications available on the EPIC site, indexed and searchable, making it easier for researchers to discover relevant work in their field of interest
  • Research briefs to ensure EPIC’s findings are readily accessible to a diverse audience
  • Posters to make complex information more accessible and engaging
  • A historical record of Conference presentations, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge within the scientific and academic community

"The best scientific evidence base in the world will make no contribution to Scotland’s preparedness for animal disease outbreaks if it is not appropriately acted upon by end-users. It follows that an effective KE system must be available and fit for purpose in both ‘peacetime’ and during an epidemic."

Lisa Boden, EPIC
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EPIC scientists in front of laptop screens

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