Dr Julie Stirling

Data Manager / Researcher

I am a research fellow based at Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) in Inverness. My research background is in molecular virology, bioinformatics and cell biology. Currently my research focus is on using data science methodology to analyse large data sets. Recent projects have included the characterisation of the Scottish sheep slaughter population and the use of Scottish sheep movements to inform sheep scab control activities.

My role in EPIC is as data manager, leading EPICs dedicated data team. Timely access to current, well-curated data sets from a range of data providers is critical to EPIC’s roles in support of SG policy. The data team perform a wide range of activities from building and maintaining the infrastructure for the EPIC data repository, developing tools for data analysis and processing and sourcing data from a variety of governmental and industry partners.

Julie Stirling Colourized Light

Centre for Epidemiology & Planetary Health

School of Veterinary Medicine, SRUC
Inverness Campus
T: +441463216990