Prof. Louise Matthews

Infectious Disease Ecologist

I’m Professor of Infectious Disease Ecology and Mathematical Biology in the School of Biodiversity, One Health and Comparative Medicine at The University of Glasgow and co-director of the Boyd Centre for Population and Ecosystem Health. Mathematically trained, I bring 25 years’ experience in veterinary epidemiology and have worked on a wide range of systems. These include endemic and epidemic livestock diseases in the UK; zoonotic pathogens; wildlife disease including canine distemper virus in tigers and rabies in Ethiopian wolves; vector-borne disease including Rift Valley Fever and African Animal Trypanosomiasis; the spread of antimicrobial resistance and optimal control strategies to limit the development of drug resistance.


With EPIC, I co-lead our outbreak preparedness challenge which focuses on ensuring we have the appropriate tools and expertise available to respond to incursions of livestock disease into the UK.

Louise Matthews

Contact details

University of Glasgow,
Ibahcm, Wolfson Link Building,
G12 8QQ