Prof. John Berezowski

Veterinary Epidemiologist

I am a farm veterinarian at heart, having spent 18 years in food animal veterinary practice in Canada. After an injury prevented me from continuing to practice food animal medicine, I completed a PhD in epidemiology and since that time I have worked as an epidemiologist in veterinary public health in Canada, a lecturer in veterinary epidemiology in the Caribbean, and an academic researcher in Switzerland and most recently in Scotland.


In my current position at Scotland’s rural College, I am developing a new animal health information system for Scotland. My research interests are in developing new methods for creating information from diverse health related datasets and developing operation information systems to support decision making in public health, animal health and One health.


My role in EPIC is to conduct applied research aimed at improving veterinary surveillance in Scotland. Currently planned activities include developing a syndromic surveillance implementation plan for Scottish livestock, evaluating and linking different livestock datasets to create new information that is useful to veterinarians, farmers and government diseases control efforts, developing new and more effective ways to rapidly identify emerging livestock health problems and their solutions and communicate them to farmers and farm veterinarians.


I am a passionate hiker, walker, and traveller.

John Berezowski

Contact details

Centre for Epidemiology and Planetary Health (CEPH), RAVIC
SRUC, Inverness Campus