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Shaping decision-making with EPIC expertise

Funded by the Scottish Government, EPIC provides access to critical scientific expertise and research, enabling policymakers to make well-informed, evidence-based decisions.
EPIC’s cross-disciplinary collaboration generates insights for the formulation of policies aimed at disease prevention and outbreak management, to safeguard animal and public health. Policymakers draw upon EPIC's research to navigate the complex landscape of animal-related challenges.

Explore the resources available on the website for policymakers:
  • Veterinary Risk Assessments are tools developed to assess the likelihood of an event happening, and its potential impact.
  • Scenario Planning is a strategic medium/long-term planning method to give insights into the future of animal health surveillance and resilience to diseases.
  • Policy briefs distill complex research into accessible information for policy makers.

"Standing and working together as scientists, policy-makers and stakeholders, we capitalise on our shared knowledge and expertise and ensure that decisions for local action are based on robust evidence which is fundamental to improving further the resilience of our livestock industries."

Scottish Government Chief Veterinary Officer, 2014
policy makers at the EPIC conference
policy-makers networking

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