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EPIC, funded by the Scottish Government, is committed to the health of animals in Scotland and globally. At the heart of the mission lies livestock animal epidemiology, which involves the study and understanding of diseases and health trends. Through extensive research and data collection, EPIC plays a vital role in the prevention, management and implementation of measures to ensure the health of Scotland's livestock, domestic and wild animal populations. Through their efforts, EPIC is helping to maintain a healthier, safer, and more sustainable environment for animals and humans alike in Scotland.

EPIC Scotland's work serves the public in several ways:

  • Education and engagement: EPIC Scotland engages with the community through workshops, and outreach activities, aiming to raise awareness on animal health-related issues and responsible disease management.
  • Public Health: Some animal diseases can be transmitted from animals to humans. EPIC’s work helps identify potential threats and informs interventions.
  • Food Safety: By ensuring the health of livestock and monitoring disease outbreaks, EPIC helps maintain the safety and quality of food products.
  • Environmental conservation: EPIC Scotland contributes to the control of disease in livestock populations by addressing threats to wildlife populations.

Explore some of the ongoing projects and research initiatives:

  • The blog offers engaging articles that delve into critical issues at the intersection of animal health, public health, and epidemiology.
  • Impact stories spotlight the real-world effects of EPIC’s research on communities and ecosystems.
  • Research briefs provide concise overviews of key findings.
  • The event section keeps you updated on the conferences and outreach activities, like the Royal Highland Show.
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